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Brahmin initiation and women gurus

After the first Brahmin initiation ceremony (Boston 1968), I asked Prabhupada, “What is the significance of this Brahmin Initiation?” Prabhupada gestured dismissively and said, “It is not very important. My Guru Maharaja introduced this ceremony of Brahmin initiation, because in … more

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Arjuna versus Ekalavya

by ŚrÄ«la Bhaktisiddhānta SarasvatÄ« į¹¬hākura Prabhupāda Many people regard Ekalavyaā€™s guru-bhakti as that of the ideal disciple. But one special consideration must be observed…

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Discrepancies in grammar not counted

So far your telling me that some devotees consider that because there may be some grammatical discrepancies in my Srimad-Bhagavatam, first cantomore

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Battlefield Commission

Dhristadyumna das relates his memories of Srila Prahbupada.more

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